Who started Winamp Enthusiasts Group?

When was Winamp Enthusiasts Group started?

What transitions has it gone through?

Winamp Enthusiasts Group was started by the owner of this website, Pete Zawacki around March 2014.

It was first a full Forum similar to the existing Winamp Forum, the idea being to keep it operating in case the existing Forum was closed as was threatened with the unknown closure of Winamp. In the end the existing Forum was not closed so people tended to go back to the original Forum and use that.

You can see screenshots on the right of the Forum layout and Wayback Machine will also help HERE

We also had a Facebook Group page and we were getting much more input from people on the Facebook page than the Forum itself. Also the original Forum was not closing so it was a waste and confusing to have two Forums. So it was decided to just have the Facebook Group and build that to have as much content and info as the Forum, if not more.

We hope you agree that we’ve achieved that, it’s the most comprehensive place for anything and everything Winamp that we know of.  We continue to build on the information already there and keep you updated with all the latest news on the future progress of Winamp. If you haven’t joined us as yet please do!

Best Regards,

Pete 🙂