• Radionomy aquired Winamp approximately
    6 years, 6 months, 2 days, 1 hour, 48 minutes, 29 seconds ago
  • …but who’s counting? 🙂


    31st July 2016

    26th April 2016

    We’ve lost faith in new owners of Winamp…but there is good news too

    As of the date above it’s been approx 2 years and 3 months without any updates or news from the new owners of Winamp. Everyone I speak to is of the same consensus. There will probably not be another version of Winamp in the near future.

    BUT… there is hope..

    DrO formerly of Winamp has decided to actively add new features and bug fixes for your patched Winamp 5.666. DrO is like many Winamp Enthusiasts, he’s passionate and cares about keeping Winamp alive and whipping. More about DrO and his website can be found at this dedicated link

    17th Dec 2015

    Vivendi acquires 64.4% stake in digital radio services company (and Winamp owner) Radionomy

    More here. Also see here. Quote: “”By acquiring Radionomy (owner of Winamp) Vivendi acquires digital audio broadcasting skills, which he hopes to take advantage of advertising opportunities. ”  🙁 More also here, a little more positive but it’s only the writers opinion.

    You heard it first from the Winamp Enthusiasts Group! Possible new version in 2016

    from the Winamp Forum.. 29th Dec 2015 …Benski

    “There hasn’t been a development team. Although Radionomy certainly had goals and ambitions to release an updated version of Winamp, they have not had the resources to afford to do so. There will be a small release some time in early 2016. There will not be any new features; this release will be just be a small update to replace or remove software libraries that were not transferred during the sale (such as Gracenote).

    Source: http://forums.winamp.com/showpost.php?p=3045048&postcount=1306

    So what can we expect from the new version of Winamp?

    Things are still sketchy but it DOES seem that work IS being done on a new version. Here’s our summary of the above..

    • 100% freeware
    • Replacing all 3rd-party/aol-licensed code with open source/free alternatives
    • New mp3 & aac decoders (more details to come later)
    • Removing ms drm support from in_wm
    • Cd ripping
    • Album art retrieval
    • Open H264 decoder
    • New Open MPT-based in_mod
    • Wasapi output plugin
    • Improvements, tweaks, optimizations & fixes