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Some people may be interested in how the Save Winamp Petition and website came about, how I got involved, what we achieved etc. I think it will prove a readable interesting story..I hope so anyway..

Well there I was browsing the Winamp Forum one day when I saw the thread re the ending of Winamp. I was absolutely gobsmacked. This fantastic player which had lived on my desktop forever was about to be shut down on 20th December 2013. Just like that, no real explanation, just a short paragraph.

I, like thousands of others started questioning….Why close Winamp? Why no discussion as to options? Why have we not been asked to contribute and help with solutions as to what could be done? Why can’t it be made open source for the masses? Many more questions were asked, all to dead ears, the silence was eerie. It seemed definite that the end WAS coming.

I posted a separate thread that we should start a Petition. Someone quickly suggested that it should be setup properly rather than in a Winamp Forum thread. So I quickly setup the Save Winamp Petition which was first named Save Winamp – Let It go Open Source…

winampenthuspetition Within hours it was obvious that it was not thousands of people who loved Winamp and wanted it to live on, it was millions!…..

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Well I had a couple of stressful days. As many of you know I have the Ampwifi Winamp Remote app on the Google Play store. Well On Friday of last week I pushed up an update and later on that day I get an email from Google telling me the app is suspended - with barely a hint as to why. And this wasn't a warning, they literally made it impossible for me to even examine or edit my app in the developer console, it was just gone. In their email they said something about a copyright violation and that I need to fix it before re-submitting it as a totally new app (meaning, those who already have Ampwifi would need to uninstall the old one and install the new one - PIIA). So I did what anyone would do: appealed. This morning I got a response and it seems the violation was that I had a screen shot with a song by Sia in the playlist. That, according to Google, is a copyright violation because it somehow encourages copyright violations or something, whatever. BUT, they refused to un-suspend the app. So I responded and I offered to remove all screen shots and do whatever they want, just PLEASE don't force me to create a new app package. Finally, I just got word that they'll conditionally reinstate my app, although it's currently listed as "Removed" and I need to resubmit it for their approval. Man does this suck.

So, if anyone is wondering why it's not on the Play store, now you know. And for any other developers out there, be very careful what you put in those screen shots, they seem to have an itchy trigger finger over at Google. Sheesh!
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I have accidentally deleted a playlist from within Winamp. Is there a way to recover it? I did not save it anywhere ... See MoreSee Less

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