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Some people may be interested in how the Save Winamp Petition and website came about, how I got involved, what we achieved etc. I think it will prove a readable interesting story..I hope so anyway.. Well there I was browsing the Winamp Forum one day when I saw the thread re the ending of Winamp. I was absolutely gobsmacked. This fantastic player which had lived on my desktop forever was about to be shut down on 20th December 2013. Just like that, no real explanation, just a short paragraph. I, like thousands of others started questioning….Why close Winamp? Why no discussion as to options? Why have we not been asked to contribute and help with solutions as to what could be done? Why can’t it be made open source for the masses? Many more questions were asked, all to dead ears, the silence was eerie. It seemed definite that the end WAS coming. I posted a separate thread that we should start a Petition. Someone quickly suggested that it should be setup properly rather than in a Winamp Forum thread. So I quickly setup the Save Winamp Petition which was first named Save Winamp – Let It go Open Source…
winampenthuspetition Within hours it was obvious that it was not thousands of people who loved Winamp and wanted it to live on, it was millions! …..Read the FULL STORY at Winamp Enthusiasts Group

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HUGE NEWS re Winamp....

This could be the best thing that has happened in a long time..

"So what now….?
Monday, January 25, 2016
That is a very good question since as we’ve seen so far, not much is going on with Winamp and the chances seem to be fading as time goes on. I release that there have been some posts / media about things to come but even I’m not convinced especially after having talked to others over the last few weeks about things.

In retrospect, Winamp and SHOUTcast would have been better off being split-up instead of having to be sold together as it hasn’t worked too well (as was always likely going to be the way with two aspects involved).

So what now….?

Historically one of the things that helped Winamp was it’s plug-in system. It wasn’t the greatest (especially when viewed with modern eyes) but it allowed for so many things when people were interested in expanding Winamp. Over time that dwindled but Winamp was still fundamentally built around plug-ins so you could install just what was wanted or uninstall aspects you didn’t like.

As such and after thinking about things for the last few weeks, I think it’s time for me to start doing Winamp plug-ins again (something that had stopped around the time of Winamp being sold as any time was spent on working on Winamp itself).

But why do this…? With plug-ins it’s still possible to expand on and correct a number of things that I’m still not keen on with how Winamp currently works and as an independent developer, I won’t have to deal with the corporate BS that can arise :o)

So what I’m hoping to do over the next few weeks is to pick something from a few ideas I’ve got as well as trying to get back into the flow of doing Winamp plug-ins (as I’ve a number of mine that need to be re-validated before returning them to availability).

How to fund doing this I’m not sure yet (I’m not employed at this time - so time is available, income is an issue) so I’ll have to look into options for that (possibly via Patreon or something like that…) as the sad truth is my plug-ins never brought in much for the time and effort that went into them (as was the case with so many of the other plug-in developers over the years).

Important Note: I only intend to do plug-ins that will work with the patched 5.666 release. That makes it much easier for me since i’m only working with a known version, I won’t need to deal with API compatibility issues and as I don’t have much faith now in what (if anything) will be officially released, it’s better that I work against the last good Winamp version.

As anything done will require patched 5.666 release to be installed first before any of the possible plug-in ideas I’ve got in mind can be used.

So maybe this is a glimmer of something in all of the darkness.


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Winamp2-js: a reimplementation of Winamp 2 in HTML5 and JavasSript to play music from your music directory. Internet Explorer is not supported.
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After now using this plugin for over a month or so at gigs, from a DJ perspective this is one of the most useful must have plugins for Winamp. Thanks again DrO for the fixes...
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I'm a modern rock internet radio dj, looking for an internet radio station where I can dj at least once a week. Will do it for free because I love what I do...can anyone steer me in the right direction on finding a station ... See MoreSee Less

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